La Boheme

As I sit here in this drab cubicle on a particularly gloomy gray Monday, I can’t help but feverishly anticipate my pending vacation in only 8…more…days!  My fiance and I make an effort to indulge in our of our favorite activities together every year – music festivals!  It’s a  jam-tastical time where you can let your hippie freak flag fly!  I’ve always adored the bohemian look; from Janis Joplin’s wild mane and funky threads to Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane’s pheasant tops with that signature fur coat.  The mix of rich colors, paisley pattern textiles, and the relaxed, carefree style has always charmed me and I find it tends to sneak its way into my wardrobe and home decor quite often.  Here are some great bohemian inspired spaces that don’t look like a camper van dumped shag rugs and tie dye drapes into it.

Let bold, pattern furniture & decor accent a crisp white room.

Or accent simple furniture with paisley decor and Old World inspired textiles.

Do you collect music posters?  Have them framed and set up your own wall gallery!

Do you love flea market finds?  Repaint that old hutch in a vibrant color and showcase it as the focal point in your space.

This is tie dye done right!

A beautiful etherial outdoor look that can also be applied in a lounge room or a bedroom.


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