I Did It All For The Nookie!

One of my fondest childhood past times was little me nestling into my hot pink beanbag chair reading my Golden books collection while hiding in my little nook my parents set up for me under the stairs.  Ah, the nook.  My happy place.  My fortress of solitude.

Children absolutely love having little hide-a-way spaces they can call their own….remember all those forts you made out of the living room furniture and a couple of sheets?  Even as an adult, we still want to find a little place we can cozy up into and escape the world for a while to read books, relax, or reflect.  Here are some great nook examples:

A little over the top, but still beautiful!

Arabian niiiiiights ‘neath Arabian mooooons!

Functional and fun!

Just in case you need it spelled out for you.

Love the thought bubble design!

Creating a cozy nook at home can be easy!  Especially for the kids.  You can fill in an odd, empty space under the stairs, a used closet, or even a corner such as this one:

When I laid eyes on this picture a thought immediately popped into my head: “Shut. Up. Why didn’t my parents think of this??? I was deprived as a child!”  After I got over my initial jealousy, I found that this is super easy and affordable to pull together!

1.) You can find a fun corner bookcase like this for only $35 at Target!  Available in Maple, White, Cherry or Mocha.

2.) This adorable Ekorre swing chair from Ikea is only $45!

3.) Add branches to your tree mural by adding a couple of wall mounted shelves.  Available in many finishes and only $14 for two.

4.) Last step, purchase the paint for your tree mural and show off those artistic skills! Instead of painting the leaves, how about making each leaf detachable and utilizing them as bookmarks? You can do this by making leaves out of paper, laminating them, and using velcro to attach them to the walls. The possibilities are endless!

Now, excuse me, my inner child is forcing me to go to Ikea. Later!


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