Store It Here, Store It There…

Sorry for the lack of new posts, but after traveling for a week, trying to catch up with work, and dealing with strep… my brain is mush momentarily.  Also, having an apartment that feels and looks like this doesn’t help either:

Not as extreme or gross, but you get the idea. 

I love my little apartment, but it really sucks having only 2 closets… is always lacking when it comes to Chicago apartments.  Renters will find that closets are tiny and few and, sometimes, you have to resort to using that neglected oven as blanket and pillow storage.  Being an apartment veteran the past 7 years, I have had to come up with crafty ways to store my clothes, jewelry, and other possessions.  Hanging necklaces on the wall and declaring it art, for one example.  After Pinterest exploded on the scene, it’s good to see other renters got crafty with their space.

In the Kitchen

I love the idea of using pinboards.

Proudly display your dinnerware.

Grab & go system.

The bathroom…

Everything on the door and within reach.

…Or store your towels and supplies above the door!

A lazy susan in the cabinet! Genius!

Every little space available can be utilized!

And your bling…

Let your jewelry as wall art

Fabric tackboards for your jewelry, beautiful!

This reminds me of those 2nd grade presentations we use to do, only cooler.

As a designer and anyone involved with crafting, I find this organization amazing:

I had to chastise myself for not thinking of this before!  Anyone into crafts could use this!  Designers, jewelers, scrapbookers, I could go on and on…How can one recreate this? So simple! All you need to do is run to your nearest Home Depot.

1.) To hang you tools or samples, all you need is a simple towel bar!  That’s right, a simple towel bar,  like the one you can find at Home Depot for only $8!  Buy as many as you need and set up on your wall.

2.) You’ll need extender hooks like these to hang off the bar.  Simple, sturdy, and cute!

3.) A magnetic strip is great for holder scissors, rulers, and other tools so it’s within reach. Only $18 at Target.

What are some cool, crafty way you stored your belongings?


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