Take Me Home, Country Roads…

It has been a looooooong time since my last post! My apologies.  It’s time to focus on updating this blog with fabulous, green design tips on a more consistent basis for you fellow readers.

Why the long delay? Well…

First, this happened:


And anyone who has gotten married (or had the pleasure of being involved with planning  one) knows the time-suckage that follows planning, organizing, and coordinating a wedding.  Especially us DIY brides….why did we do that to ourselves??? : P

And then, this happened…


Yes, you are seeing that correctly. I traded the CTA for a tractor, my apartment for a barn loft, homeless people for pigs…who, not surprisingly, smell the same…

I decided that 2013 is going to be a big year for ch-ch-changes!  I was in need of a technological detox and  always dreamed of volunteering my time for a bigger cause.  At the end of December, I moved on from my last employer in order to delve into hands-on work  and gain some perspective.   I found the WWoofing program after a lot of research and found it was the best program for someone who wanted to volunteer and travel for a limited period of time.  One can volunteer their time on an organic farm anywhere in the world for as long as the farm needs your help and they offer room, board, and food. Fabulous! And so I saved, made a plan, and set off to the Pacific Northwest.

What a beautiful experience!  I spent my time working on a women run farm called Growing Seeds in Corbett, OR and everything they grew or raised was donated to the Growing Seeds daycare centers.  What a wonderful concept! How could I not be onboard?  The farm was located right next to the Columbia Gorge, the scenery was absolutely picturesque, and it was only 15 minutes from Portland so I could still get my urban fix.  During my 6 weeks, I felt like I did it all. From gathering and cleaning eggs, building a sheep birthing pen, repairing a greenhouse structure, to mucking a duck coop.  It was hard, but rewarding work.  I’ve also learned quite a bit about composting, preparing the fields and plumes for the spring, and the complexities of becoming certified USDA Organic.  If you see the label on any food product, know it’s the real deal!

After my sabbatical, I’m back here in my city.  Home sweet home.  How I’ve missed my people here, my hang-outs I frequent, and the accessibility… but I find I really miss the simplicity and beauty of living in the country. I’ll miss having my morning cup of tea on the back porch while watching the lambs play,  giving the pigs belly rubs after their late afternoon feeding, and the quiet serenity of nature. On a gloomy, winter Chicago day like today, I was researching country homes and planning for my future one.  Some of the designs I stumbled upon can be implemented into some of the old Victorian or Gable homes I see right here in my neighborhood!


A classic country farm rehabbed into a contemporary home. French by French Designs


High, dark ceilings with beautiful, distressed built ins. By LBG Interiors


Another great example of a high ceiling with exposed beams and a contrasting white kitchen.


A cozy chalet featuring natural stone and wood elements with a soft, fur rug.


My dream tub…


No, wait! THIS is my dream tub…..


One thought on “Take Me Home, Country Roads…

  1. All of these elements rolled into one house would make for an amazing retreat! Can’t wait to hear more about your experience on the farm and see what other sorts of beautiful inspiration you have on-deck.

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