Bicycle! Bicycle!

Everyone has a place they absolutely hate in their house.  It’s that area that slowly grows into a mountain of tossed clothes, half-finished projects, and other random brickelbrack.  It’s the clutter corner.  For me, it’s my husband’s clutter corner.  As an interior decorator, I try to make sure everything in my apartment has its place.  This is the one area Dave won’t let me touch since he needs “his own space” to throw his random stuff.  I try my best to avoid looking at it as much as possible, otherwise this rage just builds up inside.  There was one thing that sat in the corner for such a long time, though, and I couldn’t stands it no mo’.  A discarded bicycle wheel. IN my apartment.  With no intentional uses for the future. Instead of tossing it out in the alley, I decided to get creative because, you know, that’s what I do…


Please excuse the desk clutter. Yet another project to tackle…

I love how something that I simply saw as junk is now a functional piece of art in my office area.  The spokes are great at holding paper memos and I also use bright binder clips for better security and an added pop of color.  I love the different reactions I get from my house guests.   I get comments such as “Oh, so clever!” to “You are such a Hipster…”  I have no doubt in my mind that Dave will accumulate more abandoned bike wheels, so I’ve prepared myself for the inevitable by researching other great ways to upcycle a bicycle wheel!


A clock! If you don’t have the wherewithal to make your own, you can purchase this  model on Etsy.


A lazy Susan for the dining table.


A potholder! Just add extension hooks, a sturdy chain, and bolt to the ceiling. Boom.


A mobile for the outdoors. Or add old glass bottles close together to make a wind chime!


A garden trellis for you fellow urban gardeners. This works great for sweet peas.


I see a table like this swank-ing up a bachelor pad.


My inner flower child is swooning. Swooning!!


Let your creative juices flow and design a wall mural.


Create a lighting fixture by wrapping christmas lights around the wheel.


Decor for a bicycle themed wedding or event.

Can you think up other cool ways to upcycle discarded bicycle wheels? Email me your ideas! XOXO Tiff


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