The Salvage Yard

It’s Spring(ish?)!!!

I love Chicago, but it doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of seasons.  Oh, well.

It may be cold and blowing outside but I’ve been getting into the “spring” of things by re-watching the 1993 version of The Secret Garden for the hundredth time and planning urban gardening projects for my own bit of earth.  My main goal for this year is to collect salvaged goods and utilized them for my garden; such as old coffee burlap bags to grow my sweet potatoes in and reclaimed lumber to make a 4×4 raised bed.  The worn, antique  look brings real character into a garden’s design and I’m doing my part by repurposing items before they’re tossed into some landfill. I can’t wait for this weather to cooperate so I can get my hands dirty!

Here are some other charming upcycled garden examples I came across during my research. Enjoy!


Mini Greenhouse made from old window frames by North Peace


Turn a window into a vertical garden! Click here for the tutorial.


Turn that old light fixture into a bird bath!


Nail old boxes to the wall and you have a display case for your pots!


Or use an old ladder as a plant holder.


Make a  fence or place for vines to grow on with old gears or rims.


Just one of the many, many ways to repurpose a pallet.


A mirror adds dimension as well as beauty.


Repurpose that old toolbox into a planter!

gar 3

This colander planter with built-in drainage system!


Don’t throw away those broken pots!


 A chair planter? Yes, please! Tutorial here.


A creative use for old garden fencing.


Found knobs turned into industrial flowers!


How about using an industrial table as a workbench or patio furniture?

Do you have a salvage garden?  Please share your ideas or projects with me! XOXO Tiff


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