Floral Prints

Ahhh, what a sunny Sunday it was.  The weather was PERFECT yesterday and I spent every single minute I could outside.  I have the sunburn to prove it.

I finally set up my planters and potted some beautiful flowers to decorate my favorite spot on the patio where I typically have my  pot of jasmine tea, knit, or embroider while I watch the pups frolic/chew sticks in the yard.  That spot is my place of zen and the budding flowers make it even happier and more peaceful. I want flowers everywhere now! I was so inspired, I researched floral interiors and found a plethora of beautiful floral wallpaper that, if implemented correctly in the space, can bring a lot of personality into any room!


The stylized flowers and cheery yellow work so well together!


This looks like a sexy dressing room from Moulin Rouge! 


A more subtle pattern with neutral colors.


Match the main piece in your room with a bold color from the wallpaper .


So classy! Gold and white work so well together!


White floors and ceilings with the blue pattern wallpaper really brighten up this space!


Can’t go wrong with Asian prints!


I swoon!  The blue and swirling floral pattern creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Feeling inspired yet? If you’d like to add a little nature to your walls, check out Design Your Wall online. They have a little bit of everything, from modern, vintage, glam, to Indie!  Here’s a sneaky peek at their inventory. Let me know what you think! – xoxo Tiff


Isabelle Duck Egg for you vintage lovers.


How about this stylized Poppy print?


Who doesn’t like daisies? Who I ask you??


The tried and true floral damask in a beautiful magenta!


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