Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Roof! Rustic!

Once you get to know me, you’ll find that I’m very wayward.  I love to travel and explore new areas of the world so much, that I can’t decide where I’d like to eventually settle down to live.  I drive my husband crazy with “This week, I think we should consider living in Denver” to “remember last month when I said let’s move to Portland? Let’s do that instead!”  Until I find the city/town/village of my dreams and finally convince myself into dumping all my money into a mortgage, I will remain a renter. (And will be for quite some time, I suspect)

Don’t get me wrong, I would eventually like a home to call my own someday. I’ll occasionally find myself scoping through home magazines and residential designs on Pinterest for future plans.  As of right now, I’m OBSESSED with this month’s issue of Elle Decor featuring Ellen’s rustic chic home.  It is a beautiful 26 acre property that once belonged to 20’s actor William Powell turned monastery turned rehab center turned operating horse facility.  The history of their house is interesting enough, but just look at how they combined style and sophistication with rustic, repurposed details. I swoon!


Fireplace in the kitchen? Yes, please!


The fireplace is the main focus of the space and they utilized the sides cleverly for storage.


Skip the typical wicker furniture for your patio and go with comfortable lounge furniture in leather!


Horse stable turned into offices? Why not?


Tall, open ceilings  and walls in whitewash brighten up the dining area!


Imagine throwing house parties here!


1 of 6 cabins that surround their property.  This is the “Romantic Cabin”


Aren’t they adorable?

One day, I will find a barn to renovate and call home.  Until then, I will continue my search for the perfect town and drool over inspiring homes, such as Ellen’s.  Oh, and I would love a backyard that looks like this, please and thank you! – XOXO Tiff



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