Itty Bitty Spaces

Do we really need big homes?

I keep thinking my husband and I need a bigger apartment, but then it dawns on me that we really only occupy 4 out of 6 rooms in our apartment and the rooms we don’t occupy just accumulate stuff.  And  I am so. Sick. Of stuff!  If we could find the perfect small apartment (with the perfect closets and storage options), I know it’ll help encourage us to live more simply.  Because, really, I’m o.k. with a with a quaint little home as long as I can have a HUGE plot of land. 🙂

Small, modular spaces are the newest design trend blowing upon the internet and I just love all of the innovative ways one person or multiple persons habitat an itty bitty space.


Love Graham Hill’s life edited apartment.  Click the link to watch a video tour!


A 425 sq. ft. apartment is absolutely inhabitable if you have 25′ high ceilings.


They cleverly implemented cubbies in this 240 sq. ft. apartment.


A neat convertible apartment in Manhattan.


I love how the bed is tucked away with a curtain for added privacy in this Swedish crib.


A simple partition wall is all you need to separate the space in this Tamka apartment.


Slanted roof in a small space? Use it as a design element! 

Tiny spaces, big ideas. What do you think? – XOXO Tiff


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