“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I have a confession to make….. I am a lover of books.   Real books.  You won’t find me pouring over a new edition of Game of Thrones on a Kindle because, call me old fashioned, I still love the look and feel of a good book, dog earred and all.  If you’re a bibliophile like myself, you wish you could be surrounded by them!   Well, why not? Here are amazing book inspired spaces and artwork you can implement into your own home or office!

Book Accessories


You can pull on your crafty pants and make this book art or you can purchase if from Etsy!


Romantic hanging book decorations.

bookhead collage

Hit up your local garage sales and thrift stores to gather books and make this amazing wall piece.


All you need is a little twine and a little time.


Have a book that’s falling apart?  Find a narrow picture frame and line it with the loose pages or modge podge the papers on a coffee table top.


If you’re willing to sacrifice a terrible book, like, say….Fifty Shades, Then use an Xacto knife to cut out a hole and place a little dirt and a succulent for a simple, yet beautiful centerpiece.


Have a bell jar laying around? Place a few books inside with your favorite decoration and viola! An instant centerpiece.

Unique Book Organization 

Read Me Literary Classics Juniper Books Head On

Juniper Books creates custom covers for book organization and stylish shelves!


Juniper Books


Use your child’s favorite illustration as book covers.

Literary Classics Custom Jackets

The titles are in the letters!


Stack your books on the wall and paint a masterpiece on the spines!


Color coordinate your books to look like a rainbow!


Or coordinate by value.


Flip your books backwards to show the pages.  A word of caution: It will be harder to find what you want to read, but it creates a lovely “shabby chic” look.

Innovative Book Storage


Store books under your stair risers.


Hide your books behind an art piece.


Utilize that empty fireplace as storage.  Just keep open flames far, far away.


Store books below eye level for a clean contemporary look.


This is a great option if you need to hide few naughty novels for the kiddies.


A little reading nook under the stairs.


Stack large, hardcover books and use as a coffee table or a nightstand.


Dedicate all the walls for all the books!


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